A lot of people ask me what EYG stands for or what is this EYG movement all about. Is it exercise or sports related? Is it eating healthy? Is it looking like a swimsuit model or bodybuilder? Is it having a 4.0 and going to Harvard. Yes but it’s YOU being a better father, mother or child. Becoming a little closer to God in Your spiritual journey. Learning who YOU are as a person. Getting that promotion YOU’ve been working YOUr butt off for. YOU giving an opportunity to someone that no one ever gave to YOU. Beating that disease the doctor told YOU YOU had a slim chance of surviving but YOU beat it anyway.

I alway say the Y towers over the other 2 letters because EYG is YOU, EYG is ME, EYG is WE. When you see the EYG symbol it should be a little reminder to keep going and accept the accountability to be great. In the letters you should see all your goals and ambitions.

EYG is not a movement, it’s a lifestyle which challenges you to be a little better than you were yesterday; whether it’s on a mental, spiritual, emotional, physical or financial level. So next time somebody ask what is EYG, just say EYG is just a reflection of the new ME, that I’m striving to BE!

#EYG #ElevateYourGrind

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