EYG Logo

More About the Logo: When viewing the Elevate Your Grind Logo, the things that stand out are the following; the “E” is backwards, the “Y” is bigger, and the “G” is normal. Here’s why, subconsciously we see things daily and respond to them without even noticing it. So, when designing the logo we wanted it to stand for more than the obvious. The “E” is backwards because it’s completely backwards to live life worrying about what “E”veryone is doing, saying, and thinking. Instead focus more on YOU, which brings us to the “Y”. The “Y” is bigger because the word YOU begins with “Y”.

We wanted a constant reminder that your decisions, actions, and ultimately your destiny…is up to You! Last, but certainly not least, the “G”! The “G” is normal because it represents God, the higher power; whom needs no filtering, changing nor, help! It’s last, because once we have our visions and goals in mind, it’s then when we must seek the higher power to see us through. So combined, the three subconscious meanings of logo can help us to our divine purpose in Life…. #EYG

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