Imagine a world where food gives you purpose and through this food you tap into the fountain of youth and longevity. No diseases, no procedures, and no medicine which equals limited doctor visits. What if I told you that world is in your very presence? The same foods you, your parents, or your grandparents grew up eating. During these times everyone had a garden or access to a farm. What if I told you everything you need is on this earth and we just lost our way. The medical industry makes billions of dollars keeping people somewhere between healthy and death. If you are too healthy you don’t need medicine and if you are dead, well…you get the point. Every fruit, vegetable, herb, and wild food serves a purpose that harmonizes our body’s to a higher vibratory state. When our frequency waves are running like high octane we are less susceptible to illness and disease.
What causes disease? Inflammation. What causes inflammation? Mucus. Where does mucus come from? High Acidic Foods & Beverages. What if I told you the pH scale you learned in school was the chronicle of healthy living? Why? Well since you asked…..knowing the difference between acidic and alkaline foods; where each category of foods fall on the scale allows you to eat with purpose and confidence….you start to understand what you are putting into your body and how it effects you on a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional level. So ultimately I recommend a more plant-based diet because wellness favors on the side of alkalinity which mean foods that easily pass through the body allowing balance.

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