Meditation sometimes get a bad wrap because some believe that it conflicts with their religious views, in which that is far from the truth. Meditation is written in doctrines of all 5 major religion, the misinterpretation from one religion’s dialogue to another’s is what confuses people.

Like in Christianity, “Genesis 32:24-31-Jacob wrestles with God and man and overcame. And saw God face to face.”

“During prayer (Salat and Du’a), a Muslim is supposed to concentrate and meditate on God through reciting Qur’an, Dhikr (remembering God), and supplication.”

“In most of the later Hindu yoga traditions, which derive form Patanjali’s Raja Yoga, dhyana is “a refined meditative practice”, a “deeper concentration of the mind”, which is taken up after preceding exercises such as mastering pranayama (breath control) and dharana (mental focus).”

“Buddhist meditation encompasses a variety of meditation techniques that aim to develop mindfulness, concentration, supramundane powers, tranquility, and insight.”

“The branch of Kabbalah called Meditative/Ecstatic Kabbalah is concerned with uniting the individual with God through meditation on Names of God in Judaism, combinations of Hebrew letters, and Kavanot (mystical “intentions”) in Jewish prayer and performance of mitzvot.”

Ultimately one must connect with self on a physical plane in order to connect on a spiritual plane wit God, The Universe, Buddha, Allah, Nuture or whatever deity we choose to embark on…..which leads me to my point that Morning Meditation is great way to start the day to find a peace of mind in the world of stress and distractions. Morning Meditation helps you to direct positive thoughts to a purposeful and productive day. You can’t really go wrong with a little meditation….it will do wonders. I suggest that meditate 5-10 minutes every morning. Concentrate on your breathing and the rest will happen naturally.

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