People often ask what EYG means me, not knowing EYG is me. Imagine being at the top of your game, the fans shouting your name and and suddenly it taken away. No clue how to fix it because this is a hand that’s never been dealt. You cry out for answers and look for help but never fully understanding that ultimately your fate, your resurrection is all in your hand. You reach a point that’s so low, no where to turn no where to go. At this point you understand it’s only you, sink or swim, the choice is on you. Sinking would be great so the pain could be over but it’s something about swimming and proving people wrong that fuels the soul. Why be mediocre when you can be the greatest story ever told. When you look back on this moment it will be the most part of your life. What’s the use of a great book if it has no defining moment? How you elevated when everything was collapsing around you is all they will see. It takes an unique person to rise to conquer fear. Elevate Your Grind, let the world know you are here. I’m not EYG because I made the name, I’m EYG because I actually laced up my shoes and played the game. I’m playing to win, so that tells you how are far I’m willing to take it. Now you know what EYG means to me, understand its YOU in the letters who holds the key. I AM EYG is what you should scream, if you understand how the mind works you can actually live out your dream. I AM EYG

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