EYG. What does it mean? It’s a search within yourself to find out who you really are and what you are really made of. A man is not judged by how many times he/she falls down but how many times they are willing to stand despite their shortcomings. Are you willing to push to a level that takes the unity of one’s mind, body, and soul? Are you willing to sacrifice temporary pleasure for the chance to be ELEVATED amongst the greats? Are you willing to take a path never traveled; no crowd, no friends, no fans, no family, or no likes. It’s just you. EYG is about sacrificing good to be great, great to be phenomenal just to realize its not good enough. Pushing on to a higher calling never satisfied to until you represent something that stands alone. Something that’s nonpareil.  It’s an uniqueness in yourself like DNA, it was only meant for you. EYG is an oneness of grind, where all life’s events come to together to make one masterpiece and you are the art on display. Elevate Your Grind, your life depends on it!

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